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Navigating the Regulatory Landscape with Responsive Expertise


Customer Focused Advice

At SecondSight Law our mission is to provide practical legal advice to businesses of all sizes. Decades of experience with top firms have built a deep understanding of the legal issues that businesses face and the ability to offer expert guidance on antitrust and privacy matters. We believe that every company deserves top-tier legal support, which is why we offer individualized attention to each client, with a boutique approach that provides top tier guidance at competitive rates.

Information Privacy and Data Security are now an essential part of running a business anywhere in the world. Virtually any use of customer data puts you under the coverage of the GDPR if you are handling the data of anybody located in the EU, the CCPA/CPRA have broad coverage for California consumers, and nine states have enacted substantial privacy legislation - with more being enacted every year. Deep knowledge of privacy laws is no longer just for the largest companies - it's table stakes for significant businesses of all types.


At SecondSight Law, we understand the nuances and complexities of antitrust law, and work tirelessly to help our clients navigate even the most challenging situations.  With decades of focused experience to draw on, SecondSight Law can help any business looking to safely and effectively navigate the antitrust landscape. From negotiating deal provisions to securing regulatory approval, from licensing intellectual property to combating anticompetitive actions from competitors, we provide tailor-made solutions that help our clients succeed in a constantly evolving business world.

"Francis Fryscak is an experienced antitrust practitioner [who] advises on issues arising from transactions such as joint ventures and M&A, as well as defending clients in regulatory investigations." Chambers 2017 USA Guide


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