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At SecondSight Law, we understand the complexities of transactional law. Decades of experience, working with clients across industries, have informed our ability to navigate the nuances of the global transactional antitrust environment. We offer deep expertise across a broad range of industries, including major software, life sciences, digital entertainment, manufacturing, retail, and licensing transactions. Whatever your needs, our team is equipped to handle every stage of the process with deep expertise.


Our Compliance service is designed to provide consistent legal compliance to companies of all sizes. We offer tailored presentations for sales and marketing organizations across industries so you can be confident that your business is always operating within evolving legal requirements.

Distribution Guidance

Effective distribution is key to a successful business, but navigating the legal landscape can be challenging. SecondSight Law offers guidance on distribution channels that helps you stay aligned with state, federal, and foreign laws -  identifying potential legal issues and providing actionable advice on how to avoid distributor complaints, government investigations, and litigation.

Regulatory Investigations​

Our core mission is to provide time-sensitive support during regulatory investigations. We handle state, federal, and foreign antitrust authorities' inquiries, ensuring efficient and cost-effective solutions while keeping your strategic goals in mind. Regulatory outreach is commonplace even when your company is simply a market participant or customer of another company whose transaction or conduct is being investigated and, of course, when your own deals or conduct draw antitrust scrutiny.  


Modern business is data driven, with virtually every customer interaction or website query capturing data that is leveraged to help run the business more effectively. This data-driven world increasingly plays in the midst of a complex web of state, federal, and international information privacy and data security laws - a world we can help you navigate.


Antitrust is not just being on defense - together we can identify where antitrust laws may be a tool you can use to even out the playing field. Don't just react to enforcers or accept unfair practices; with help you can take control of your competitive landscape.

What Our Clients Say

John Wicks, Vice President, General Counsel, 5.11, Inc.

"SecondSight Law has provided us with great support for years on a range of privacy and antitrust matters. They bring large firm knowledge and experience to a boutique approach that's been an excellent fit."
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